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lights! camera!

Optimizing a video-first dating app in 3 weeks
to facilitate real connections.


balancing user and
business needs

How can we facilitate confident and authentic connections among online daters, while enabling scalable growth for the product?

holding hands.png


forging genuine

Lookbook Redesign:
Streamlined Functionality and Accessibility

Redesigned the Lookbook (browse screen) to address user confusion regarding button functionalities identified during BETA Usability Testing, and to enhance compliance with accessibility best practices based on Heuristic Evaluation.

BETA version


Our Design

Lookbook - Hitomi - Unmute and No Subs.png

Introducing Viewing Mode:
Exploring the Dating Pool with Ease

Implemented Viewing Mode based on user feedback to address anxiety around recording video profiles. Users can now explore potential matches before committing to creating their own video profiles, aligning with their preference expressed during user interviews.

BETA version


Our Design

8. Onboarding - Tech Video.png

Premium Subscription:
Unlocking Enhanced Features

Created new screens to encourage users to purchase a Premium Subscription, featuring commonly monetized features found in dating apps. These screens were developed based on our comprehensive Feature Analysis.

Profile- final.png
Subscripton page- Premium v.2.png



Impressed by our designs, the client expressed a desire to integrate them into the upcoming version of the app, following its initial launch on the App Store. In addition to delivering our design assets, we equipped them with KPIs to effectively gauge the success of the redesign and the implementation of our recommended new features.

Onboarding Completion
Compare the percentage of video profiles completed by new users before and after the implementation of Viewing Mode.

Daily Active Users
Measure the percentage of new users who return to browse potential dates and chat with matches on a daily basis.

Conversion Rates
Track the percentage of active users who subscribe monthly and the average subscription retention period.


within limits

As one of three UX Designers and Researchers, I also took on the role of Project Manager during our sprint. Despite encountering hurdles along the way, our team's dedication to advocating for the users received praise from stakeholders upon project completion. Below are the issues we faced and the strategies we employed to overcome them:

Hurdle 01

The app was built without research documentation to support the inclusion of video profiles, driven mostly by the founders' personal experiences.

Solution 01

Performed our own research by conducting a usability test on the BETA version, along with Heuristic Evaluation, Feature Analysis, and user interviews.

Hurdle 02

The client presented us with 5 major project goals, which proved challenging to accomplish within the limited timeframe and resources.

Solution 02

As Project Manager, I ensured that our goals remained realistic—approaching our research with the objective of refining our focus to achievable goals.


our design journey



getting to know
our client

Project Conception

Learned client's personal frustrations with online dating and how those inspired them to create the app.

Value Proposition

Clarified the goal of the app: Provide users a preview of a first date with video profiles.

Project Priorities

Received 5 proposed goals from client with Monetization being the priority.

12.ALT. Stop.png
18.a. ALT Lookbook.png
Profile Page w Referral.png

BETA version designed by the previous team.

BETA Version

Familiarized ourselves with the BETA version of the app and its existing Design System.



making our first

Usability Testing

Conducted usability testing with 7 participants to identify key user pain points and opportunities for improvement within the BETA version.

Feature Analysis

Compared popular dating apps to identify gaps in essential options under Match Preferences.

Heuristic Evaluation

Uncovered instances where compliance with accessibility standards had been overlooked.



The Talking

Screener Surverys

Recruited participants who are current or former users of dating apps actively seeking serious relationships.​

User Interviews

Interviewed 11 participants, mostly over Zoom, to learn about their behaviors and frustrations, focusing on their opinions on recording videos for their profile and the features they'd be interested in paying for.

IMG_4455 2.HEIC



humanizing the
online dater

Affinity Mapping

Identified trends and insights from user interviews

User Persona & Journey Map

Developed a User Persona, "Athena", and a Journey Map based on BETA usability test results and insights from user interviews to identify pain points in using a dating apps.



making the

Identified 3 areas of focus based on our client's needs and the results of our research:


Empower users to create and finish their video profiles with confidence.

Lookbook (Browse screen)

Encourage users to interact with each other based on their personalities instead of just looks.


Provide enough value to entice users to pay for premium subscription.




listening to our

Feature Prioritization

Identified features to modify and/or add to the BETA version, leveraging our research findings.

From Sketches to Prototypes

Sketched lo-fi wireframes on a whiteboard as an initial step before revising the hi-fi prototype of the BETA version to incorporate the findings from our research. After conducting another round of usability tests, we developed a second round of hi-fi prototype based on the insights gained from those tests.



putting our designs
to the test

First Hi-fi Prototype Test

The modifications made after the BETA usability test led to a 20% increase in the average success rate during the subsequent round of tests with 5 participants on the first hi-fi prototype.

Second Hi-fi Prototype Test

Conducted a second round of usability testing with 5 additional participants on our second hi-fi prototype using. The results were promising, showing a significant 30% increase in the average success rate.

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 1.55.46 PM.png

1 out of 3 scenarios



the future of
ffwd dating

After presenting our work to the client, we handed off the design assets and provided additional recommendations. Although our limited schedule prevented us from including certain aspects, such as conducting additional usability tests and improving the accessibility and clarity of the app's language, we shared these suggestions with the client. We also provided recommendations for KPIs.


Currently, FFWD Dating is running a funding campaign in Summer 2023 to implement the design recommendations we provided.



what we learned

Lack of Research Documentation

Learned to better advocate for our user to overcome the challenges of working on an app that was developed based on personal experiences rather than user research.

Working with a BETA Version

Before conducting user interviews, we conducted a usability test on the BETA Version using Test Flight.

Working with a Client's Design System

We built upon the custom Design System created by the previous design team hired by our client.

Identifying Priorities

As Project Manager, I advocated for my team and collaborated with the client to ensure that our goals aligned with the project timeline and were achievable.

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