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remix songs with ai

Designing a website in 4 weeks
to make remixing music more accessible for all.



music remixing
for all

How might we empower novice music enthusiasts to remix songs by professional musicians and foster meaningful engagement between them?


remix music with
ai guidance

Jammify is a web platform designed to bridge the gap between professional musicians ("artists") and music enthusiasts ("fans") , irrespective of their skill levels. The core feature is a user-friendly web-based controller, simplifying the music remixing process. An embedded AI functionality tailors the experience further by suggesting songs that could enhance a user's remix. Importantly, Jammify isn't just a tool for the enthusiasts; it's a collaborative space. Professional musicians can upload their original songs, allowing others to explore and reinterpret these tracks. This setup fosters a sense of community where users can both produce and discuss music, thus addressing the challenge of making remixing accessible and collaborative.

Jamm Studio.png


music remix and

Fans can search a library of original songs to remix

Hifi Home.png

Fans can remix songs with a MIDI controller and guidance from AI

Jamm Studio.png
select second board screen.png

Artists can monitor fan engagement with analytics


Artists can create playlists of fan remixes

Create fan remix playlist 3.png
Playlist Page full.png


our design journey


Preliminary Research

To gain better understanding of the music remix process, our team of 4 designers researched the foundations of music production and how Digital Audio Workstations work. We also performed a Feature Analysis of existing music remix/creation platforms.

Brand Design

To guide our UI design, we compiled a brand package encompassing the platform's look & feel, color palette, typography, UX writing, and logo. I led the creation of the brand's look and feel and typography, capturing Jammify's identity as a music remix platform while preserving its inviting playfulness.

Design Studio

Our design team split into two groups: two designers tackled the fan remix feature, while another colleague and I concentrated on the artist profile and dashboard. While the former team refined the client's mid-fi wireframes, we initiated our process with paper sketches, advancing to a mid-fi prototype, and culminating in a hi-fi prototype. Beginning with paper sketches streamlined our ideation phase, reducing excessive iterations.

Usability Testing

We executed usability testing on our mid-fi prototype with five participants, then integrated the feedback into our hi-fi prototypes. We concluded our commitment to the client with a subsequent usability test on the hi-fi prototype, engaging another five participants through Maze.

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